3 - 4 OCTOBER 2018



Rockwills Estate Planning Forum

Professional Series 2018

Professionals At the Crossroads

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In this 2 days forum, get deeper insights into legal, tax & investment implications for estate planning, family and business succession, and turn these insights into opportunities to serve your clients and grow your practice.

Dr Doreen Tan


Best World Intl Ltd


Key Note Message:

"Founders’ Legacies — What’s on their minds?"

Mr John Shoemaker International Lawyer

Butler Snow

Mr Andre Yeap

Senior Counsel

Rajah & Tann

Ms Kimmis Pun

Head, Private Banking

VP Bank

Ms Chan Ee Lin


Wealth Mgt Institute

Ms Chua Yee Hong


Withers KhattarWong

Mr Nicholas Mak

Executive Director

ZACD Group Pte Ltd

Mr Alfred Chia

Chief Executive Officer


Mr Lee Chiwi


Rockwills Trustee Ltd

Mr Goh Kok Yeow

Head, Intellectual Property & Probate/Trusts Practice

De Souza Lim & Goh LLP

Mr Lim Kian Kim

Head, Cyber Security & Data Protection Practice

Nanyang Law LLC

Mr Bill Lexmond


Lepercq de Neuflize Asia

Prof Liu Hong

Chair, School of Social Science

Nanyang Technological University

Ms Kylie Luo

Executive Director

BDO LLP, Singapore

Mr Geoffrey Lee

Founder, Principal Attorney

Legato Law, California

Mr Nicholas Jacob

Partner, Private Client

Forsters LLP

Ms Wong Mun Kit

Managing Director

Fiduciary Asia Pte Ltd

Ms Julie Teo


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About the Rockwills Estate Planning Forum

The Rockwills Estate Planning Public Forum was started in 2017 with the objective of bringing awareness to the public about the importance of estate planning. More than 2,000 participants sat in various estate planning seminars on Wills and topics such as Trusts, Estate Administration, the Lasting Power of Attorney, Charitable Giving and Business Succession. Many went away with an understanding of how they could make the best arrangements for themselves and for their families.

This year, in conjunction with the 2018 Public Forum, Rockwills is organizing a sister event, namely the “Rockwills Estate Planning Series Professional Forum 2018”, targeted at professional advisers. A strong cast of specialist speakers will deal with a host of topics suitable for the professional audience comprising Singapore focused topics (1st Day) and International topics (2nd Day). We welcome professionals from all industries to join us in this event for learning, sharing and also networking.

2018 Theme: "Professionals at the Crossroads"

“At the Crossroads” is an old English idiom dating to the 1500s. It means arriving at a point in one’s life where important decisions about the future have to be made. The phrase, based on the importance accorded to the intersection of two roads since ancient times, has also been used figuratively for just about as long.

The theme for this forum, “Professionals at the Crossroads” signifies two underlying matters that are posed to the professional adviser.

First, with his client, has he arrived at a point in his relationship with the client that he should be discussing deeper issues? Should the client be concerned about making more money or should they be taking stock of what they own and their family circumstances?

Secondly, is the professional adviser, while successful in his core areas of expertise, poised to deal with the multi-faceted aspects of family business succession and estate planning? It is said in Africa that it takes a whole village to raise a child. Akin to this, it could take the skill sets of many professional persons to grapple with the various issues that the client has to confront with while handling the succession of his estate.

At this forum, you will have many opportunities to meet and network with other professionals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Specialists will also share ideas, strategies and the possible solutions your client have been looking for to fulfil their wishes and legacies.


Day 1 - 3rd Oct

  • 09:00AM


  • 09:30AM

    Keynote Speech

    "Founders' legacies - What's on their minds?"

    Dr. Doreen Tan

  • 10:00AM

    Private Wealth Advising - Succession, Real Estate, Insurance and Tax Planning

    John Shoemaker

  • 10:40AM

    Contentious Estate Administration - Family Feuds

    Andre Yeap

  • 11:20AM

    Tea Break and Exhibits

  • 11:40AM

    The Trust Proposition in Private Banking: A Banker's Perspective

    Kimmus Pun

  • 12:20PM

    Private Trust Companies as Family Wealth Holding Vehicles

    Chan Ee Lin

    Chua Yee Hoong

  • 01:00PM

    Networking Lunch and Exhibits

  • 02:00PM

    Singapore Real Estate, Enbloc and ABSD Impacts

    Nicholas Mak

  • 02:30PM

    Real Estate Trusts - A Trustee & Financial Advisor's Discussion on Loans to Beneficiaries

    Alfred Chia

    Lee Chiwi

  • 03:10PM

    ABSD & ACD Issues in Real Estate Transactions

    Vincent Ooi

    Liu Hern Kuan

  • 03:50PM

    Tea Break and Exhibits

  • 04:10PM

    Mental Capacity Law Developments & Planning

    Goh Kok Yeow

  • 04:50PM

    Digital Assets & Cryptocurrency Issues in Estate Planning

    Lim Kian Kim

Day 2 - 4th Oct

  • 09:30AM

    Wealth Succession & Tax Landscape

    Bill Lexmond

  • 10:10AM

    China's Belt & Road Initiative - Opportunities in the next decades

    Prof Liu hong

  • 10:50AM

    Tea Break and Exhibits

  • 11:10AM

    Wealth Succession Structuring & Issues for Indonesian Clients post Tax Amnesty

    Kylie Luo

  • 11:50AM

    US Estate Planning Issues for Non-US Persons & US beneficiaries

    Geoffery Lee

  • 12:30NN

    Networking Lunch and Exhibits

  • 01:30PM

    Trusts Planning related to Matrimonial Disputes

    Nicholas Jacob

  • 02:10PM

    Panel Discussion on Ultra HNW Family Business Succession Structuring (facilitated by Ms Julie Teo)

    Kylie Luo

    Nicholas Jacob

    Wong Mun Kit

  • 03:00PM

    Closing Tea Break, Networking and Exhibits

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